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Say goodbye to data overages, roaming fees, and unreasonable pricing tiers.

Pay exactly for what you use, no matter where you are.

Make money off of your unused internet.

With Trekknet, it's easy to make money off your WiFi or mobile internet network for individuals and businesses alike. Just give your network a name and a price, and we handle the rest. All you need is a phone!

Internet access with the tap of a button.

Connecting to the internet is easy with Trekknet. All you have to do is choose your network.

Pay exactly for what you use.

Don't worry about roaming charges or data limits. Pay only for what you use, whether its a rate based on time or a rate based on usage.

Make money easily.

All you need is your phone. No complex WiFi configuration needed!

Connect and sell securely with ease.

All Trekknet users have their internet routed through a VPN, giving you peace of mind whether you're a seller or buyer. Sell or buy access with a few taps, no additional installation needed.

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